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Marie Miller

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Marie Miller is a modern folk singer-songwriter who infuses folk, pop and country in her work. Her style of music is a blend of Brandi Carlile, the Lumineers and Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. A 10 year veteran in the music industry, she has earned millions of digital streams and has toured with great acts such as Five For Fighting and Kris Allen. She has navigated the industry both as an independent artist and as a major label artist. After 10 years of working in the industry, Marie knows what it takes to make a great album and can’t wait to share her new music in her newest album, “Little Dreams.”

The Pitch

The Project: 10 songs and 1 music video

All of us have a dream. This dream has been living in us ever since we can remember and no matter who or what tried to kill it, it continues to grow.

When I started out 10 years ago, I was just like any other young, aspiring folk singer songwriter in Nashville. Like every other great artist, I started out playing the small gigs, hoping that some A&R representative would be listening in the audience. Overtime, I built up my fanbase and played larger concerts, until finally I got the opportunity I was hoping for: a record label deal. Things were looking up, and I was following the path of the greats.

As my music began to evolve, I started to blend different genres into my music. It was no longer just purely folk, but a cross between folk and pop, like Lumineers meets Brandi Carlile. This is my sound, but it no longer fit the label’s model. They did not know how to promote my music anymore and I knew that for this next album to be successful, I had to leave my label and do it my way.

So this album is my dream put to music. It’s not about making songs fit some industry “formula.” It is about the struggles I have had to endure as an artist, the lessons I have learned from them, and the importance of keeping faith that it will all work out in the end. It is a homecoming, a return to what made me fall in love with music in the first place and also a statement that there are multiple paths to pursuing your dreams.

Here is my “Little Dream.”

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2. Net profits will be shared between Artist, Investors, and Bumper Collective 40%/40%/20% respectively.

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The Project:
10 Recordings The Artist shall provide a minimum of 10 record' Royalties.
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Royalties Royalties shall mean any receipts derived from the records including but not limited to income earned from mastering, sync, and licensing.
Raise Goal: $30,000
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Terminates 3 years after completed project release date We will be releasing records from the project prior to the full project release. Streams from these records prior to the full project release will also be included in your distribution.
Price Per Unit: $1.00
Minimum Investment: $10.00
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How do you determine the total royalty percentage listed in the offering?

The securities being offered in this Regulation Crowdfunding raise have been determined by the Company as a direct ratio to the budget of the music album. The Company did not employ investment banking firms or other outside organizations to make an independent evaluation.

Why does the duration of my investment only last 3 years?

Typically, most music projects' streaming and download royalties are strongest in the first few years, but taper down to a lower steady state. Financial and accounting fees are fixed and overtime will materially hurt the investment. We feel this term length balances investors' upside and minimizes total fixed costs.

What am I actually investing in?

You are investing in the mastering, mechanical, sync, and licensing royalty rights of the project.

How does the project make money?

Digital service providers such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. pay the royalty rights holders $3-$7 per 1000 plays. Licensees may also pay a one-time fee to the royalty rights holders for the right to use the project's recordings in an entity such as a movie, video game, or commercial. As an investor, you are getting a portion of these royalties based on your ownership stake pro-rata.

When/ how do I get paid?

If the project is successful, you will receive an annual royalty payout starting a year after the completed project release date. You will hold these royalty rights for 3 years. This distribution will be sent directly to the bank account registered with Bumper Collective.

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