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Meet Matt Corman!

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Matt Corman

Music Artist

Matt Corman has gained a cult like following through his brand and music. His contagious personality alongside with his ever growing catalogue amassing over 20 million streams and counting, has made himself a household name in the independent hip hop scene.

My Music:

Term Sheet:

Class B Units (what you are buying):


1. Prior to any net profits, Equity owners recoup 100% of their initial capital contributions pro rata.

2. Net profits will be shared between Artist, Investors, and Bumper Collective 50%/40%/ 10% respectively.

Fundraising Description

The Project:
8 Songs Minimum The Artist shall provide a minimum of 8 songs’ Royalties. Artist at his/her discretion may provide additional songs' Royalties or use the additional capital contributions to increase budget per recording.
Security Type:
Royalties Royalties shall mean any receipts derived from the songs including but not limited to income earned from mastering, mechanical, sync and licensing.
Raise Goal: $25,000- $1,070,000
Duration of Royalty:
Terminates 3 years after completed Project release date We will be releasing songs from the Project prior to the full Project release. Streams from these songs prior to the full Project release will also be included in your distribution.
Price Per Unit: $1.00
Minimum Investment: $50.00
Disclosure: The valuation here was provided solely by the company and was neither calculated nor approved by Bumper Collective. Unlike listed companies that are valued publicly through market-driven stock prices, the valuation of private companies, especially startups, is difficult and you may risk overpaying for the equity stake you receive. Before investing you should carefully review the company's disclosure documents filed with the SEC to determine how the securities being offered were valued both presently and in the future, and whether the valuation of the securities and the company itself is reasonable considering the company's business, management, revenue model and profits, among other factors.

Use of Funds




S.M. Influencer Campaign
Digital PR
Targeted Marketing Ads
Radio Promotion
Sync & Licensing

Legal & Misc.

Payout Distribution
Reg CF Documents

The artist will have broad discretion in using these proceeds.

Lil Nas X and Arizona Zervas... What Do These Artists Have In Common?

They both went viral on TikTok and Triller. Hundreds of thousands of users have danced and created videos to "Old Town Road" - Lil Nas and "ROXANNE" - Arizona Zervas. Each record has accumulated over 1 billion streams. Most importantly, they did it all while being independent.

So What?

A core part of our marketing plan is utilizing a similar social media marketing campaign. It starts with creating great music that fits these platforms. From there, we plan on working with TikTok and Triller creators to share our music amongst their fans. Let's share the fun, the music, the money.


Investor FAQ:

How do you determine the total royalty percentage listed in the offering?

The securities being offered in this Regulation Crowdfunding raise have been determined by the Company as a direct ratio to the budget of the music album. The Company did not employ investment banking firms or other outside organizations to make an independent evaluation.

Why does the duration of my investment only last 3 years?

Typically, most music projects' streaming and download royalties are strongest in the first few years, but taper down to a lower steady state. Financial and accounting fees are fixed and overtime will materially hurt the investment. We feel this term length balances investors' upside and minimizes total fixed costs.

What am I actually investing in?

You are investing in the mastering, mechanical, sync, and licensing royalty rights of the Project.

How does the Project make money? 

Digital service providers such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. pay the royalty rights holders $3-$7 per 1000 plays. Licensees may also pay a one-time fee to the royalty rights holders for the right to use the project's recordings in an entity such as a movie, video game, or commercial. As an investor, you are getting a portion of these royalties based on your ownership stake pro-rata.

When/ how do I get paid?

If the Project is successful, you will receive an annual royalty payout starting a year after the completed Project release date. You will hold these royalty rights for 3 years. This distribution will be sent directly to the bank account registered with Bumper Collective.

Can I Invest As An International Citizen?

Yes, anyone over 18 can invest on the Bumper Collective platform. If you do not have an International Tax Identification Number ("TIN" or "ITIN"), you will be purchasing a Promissory Note.  The U.S. tax laws are set up where the Company is unable to give tax return documents or distribute funds to LLC members that do not have TINs. By investing in a Promissory Note, U.S. tax laws allow us to distribute funds to you regardless if you obtain a TIN. The catch is your investment is capped at an 8% simple interest rate per annum until you obtain a TIN. However, upon obtaining a TIN and notifying us, the Promissory Note will convert into the equivalent Class B Units and any payments owed to you will be equivalent as if you had invested in Class B Units originally.

Please see terms of Promissory Note here. Please see all documents filed for the Promissory Note here. Additionally, Investors from outside of the US should check their local laws for any restrictions before subscribing to any offering posted on Bumper Collective. 

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Click here to view our Form C (compliance documents) on the EDGAR website.


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