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The Pitch

This is a sample deal for a film project. Many of our filmmakers are looking to raise capital for their next Feature Film, T.V. Series, or Web Series. This is the opportunity for you to partner with your favorite filmmakers and actors and potentially see a financial return. For each offering, we conduct due diligence on the filmmakers and the project. However this does not guarantee that the project will be successful and will return a profit.

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Term Sheet

Type of Security (what you are buying):

Class B Non Voting Units

Investors will recoup 100-120% of their initial investment from the Company’s aggregate distributions pro rata (according to units owned). Any remaining profits will be shared 50%/50% between producers and investors respectively.

Fundraising Description

Round Type: Regulation CF
Security Type:
Royalties A royalty is a contractual right to receive a percentage of revenue, such as a percentage of total sales of a product or overall revenue of the project or company. A royalty can be based upon net or gross sales, contain a cap on the total amount you receive back as a return on your investment or be subject to certain liens. It is very important that you understand the terms of the royalty before investing. There is no guarantee that you will receive a royalty payment and the royalty may expire without any investment return or result in the complete loss of your investment. An investor who receives a royalty is not a shareholder and therefore has no voting rights or other rights of a shareholder. Transfer restrictions may prevent you from assigning or selling your royalty to a third-party and there is no guarantee that a market will ever develop for you to sell your royalty interest.
Round Size: $25,000-$1,070,000
Duration of Royalty: 3-5 Years (Starting at film release date)
Price Per Unit $1.00
Minimum Investment: $100.00
Disclosure The valuation here was provided solely by the company and was neither calculated nor approved by Stampede Live. Unlike listed companies that are valued publicly through market-driven stock prices, the valuation of private companies, especially startups, is difficult and you may risk overpaying for the equity stake you receive. Before investing you should carefully review the company's disclosure documents filed with the SEC to determine how the securities being offered were valued both presently and in the future, and whether the valuation of the securities and the company itself is reasonable considering the company's business, management, revenue model and profits, among other factors.

How we intend on using the proceeds (in 000's)


Deal FAQs

How do you determine the total royalty percentage listed in the offering?

The total royalty percentage being offered depends on, but is not limited to the filmmakers’ historical streaming numbers, the size of the raise amount, and where they are in their career. Emerging filmmakers may offer more royalty percentages to reward investors with more potential upside than more established filmmakers.

Why does the duration of my investment only last 3-5 years?

Typically, most film royalties come within the first few years. Additionally, there are financial costs each time payments are made to investors. To maximize investor returns and minimize financial costs, we limit the time length of the deal.

How does the project make money?

For most deals, you are investing in the royalties for a given film project. A film can earn revenue through distribution deals (selling the film rights to another company that will put the film in front of an audience). Some of the major distributors are Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. These distribution deals will either pay the film company a lump sum (one time payment) to license the film or will split net profits.

What am I actually investing in?

You are investing in the royalty rights for a project. A royalty is a contractual right to receive a percentage of the overall revenue of the project. For film deals, you will be earning a portion of the project’s overall revenues.

When/ how do I get paid?

When the creator’s project earns revenue, you will receive an annual royalty payout starting a year after the release date of the project. You will typically hold these royalty rights for 3-5 years depending on the specific terms of the deal. This distribution will be sent directly to the bank account you added to your Stampede Live account.

More Information

Click here to view our business plan.
Click here to view our Form C (compliance documents) on the EDGAR website.
Click here to view our approved bad actor check report.


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