SongVest Records, Inc.

SongVest Records, Inc.
Montclair, NJ, United States

The Pitch

The First Record Label Co-Owned By Music Fans

SongVest Records is the only record label that can harness the power of music fans to help elevate the artists on our roster to the next level of their career, and pay you for participating. Our power is our team of fan investors. We provide them with the tools to promote our artists across multiple online platforms to build awareness, increase streaming and sales, and even help drive touring and merchandising revenue. By investing, you become part of an exclusive club of music fans that allows you to be an insider in the music business. Imagine the opportunity to help discover talent, collaborate with like-minded fans, and be a part of our label team to help influence the success of our artists!

How It Works

Meet The Team!

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Sean Peace

Chief Executive Officer

A seasoned startup executive who founded several companies including Royalty Exchange, the first marketplace to sell music royalties to investors. He had a successful exit at Royalty Exchange in 2015.

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Roy D'Souza


An expert in quantifying the value of creators' and inventors' works. He was previously a Managing Director at Ocean Tomo, LLC responsible for leading the company’s intellectual property valuation practice. He has also held leadership positions at various consulting firms including KPMG LLP. Roy currently serves as the board president for the Chicago West Community Music Center.

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Jay Gilbert

Co-Vice President of Marketing

Co-founder of Label Logic, and leads digital strategy, analytics, and creative services for the company. Jay worked at Universal Music Group for 18 years, most recently as VP New Media and Online Marketing for Universal Music Enterprises (“UME”). He has been on the cutting edge of digital sales & marketing with Universal Music, Starbucks Entertainment, Fox Home Entertainment (International) and Warner Music Group.

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Jeff Moskow

Co-Vice President of Marketing

Co-founder of Label Logic, and leads marketing and project management services for the company. He most recently served as Head of Marketing for UME, the catalog arm of Universal Music Group, where he helped manage the Motown and Def Jam catalogs, and UMG’s key artist portfolios.

Term Sheet

Type of Security (what you are buying):

Class R Preferred Stock

Investors will collectively earn periodic payments of 5% of the gross proceeds received by the company pro rata (according to units owned) and collectively own up to 10% of SongVest Records, Inc.

Fundraising Description

Round Type: Regulation CF
Security Type:
Preferred Stock A Company may issue a separate class of stock, which may have special rights and privileges, including without limitation voting rights, dividend rights, anti-dilution and liquidation preferences. Preferred stock holders have similar risks to common stock holders but receive better or different terms. Investors who receive preferred stock generally are exposed to similar risks as other holders of equity.
Round Size: $50,000 - $1,070,000
Duration of Periodic Payments:
Perpetuity The Periodic Payments shall continue to be made to Rights Holders as long as shares of Class R Preferred Stock are issued and outstanding.
Price Per Unit $5.00
Minimum Investment: $100.00
Disclosure The valuation here was provided solely by the company and was neither calculated nor approved by Stampede Live. Unlike listed companies that are valued publicly through market-driven stock prices, the valuation of private companies, especially startups, is difficult and you may risk overpaying for the equity stake you receive. Before investing you should carefully review the company's disclosure documents filed with the SEC to determine how the securities being offered were valued both presently and in the future, and whether the valuation of the securities and the company itself is reasonable considering the company's business, management, revenue model and profits, among other factors.

Use of Proceeds For Minimum Raised (in $1000s)

Use of Proceeds For Maximum Raised (in $1000s)

Investor Perks

Projected Timeline

How I Earn Money

Investor Q&A

How did you determine the valuation for this offering?

The offering price and the company’s pre-money valuation of $9,000,000 was determined based on the best-estimates of the Company’s management, but not based on objective measures. We believe this valuation is reasonable for several reasons. We have tracked pre-money valuations for other entertainment companies that have raised capital under similar circumstances. We have a highly successful team that includes three music industry veterans (each having over 25 years of experience), as well as direct experience valuing and monetizing music royalty assets. Also, the global market for recorded music sales and licensing is growing materially each year, and is expected to more than double from its current level by 2030. Please be aware that the Company has not obtained any third-party valuations.

How does the Company make money?

The Company is a record label that signs artists, releases singles, EP’s, albums, and videos, and then markets and promotes this content to help make it as successful as possible. From these deals, the Company earns royalties from digital streaming, public performance (e.g., radio, venue broadcast), sync and licensing opportunities (e.g., placement in ads, movies, series, etc.), and physical product sales. Additional revenue generation opportunities may exist from touring and merchandise sales (should the label provide support to help elevate this income), as well as from music publishing should SongVest Records establish a separate but related company to administer this function.

When/ how do I get paid?

There are two ways you make money. First, investors will collectively earn periodic payments equivalent to 5% of SongVest Record's gross proceeds (these periodic payments are dependent on a successful offering). Secondly, investors collectively own up to a 10% equity stake in the company (your stake will be proportiate to this based on shares owned) that can be sold during a liquidity event.

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